Ascent Square Drain Wetroom Shower Base

Ascent Square Drain Wetroom Shower Base

Product Information:

  • Pre-formed Wetroom Shower Base
  • Designed for walk-in shower and Wetroom applications
  • Floor level panels that can be trimmed to size on site
  • Ready to receive a tiled finish
  • Material: Waterproof extruded polystyrene (XPS), covered both sides in a combination of polymer resin and quartz (compatible with most tile adhesives)
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • 4 Drain options available
  • Rotate shower base for best waste position

Shower Base Dimensions:

  • For trays with a corner waste - waste is positioned 210mm from the edge of the tray to the centre of the waste.

Square Drain Information:

  • Pure Drain - ready for tiling with customers choice of tiles (not supplied)
  • Zonda Drain - Stainless Steel grating in mirror Chrome finish
  • Mistral Drain - Stainless Steel grating in mirror Chrome finish
  • Ponente Drain - Stainless Steel drain in mirror finish
  • All Drains include flange, membrane and trap


Technical/Installation Information:

  • Can be laid directly onto existing wooden or concrete floors but must be supported over it's entire area, including trap.
  • If the shower base is to be laid directly onto the existing floor boards, they must be in good condition and must be screwed down at very close centres.
  • When the shower base is laid onto a concrete floor, the surface below the shower base must be perfectly flat, with a channel for the trap and waste pipe.
  • Care must be taken when preparing the slopes to the drain in all applications.

  • 10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee


Price is for shower base and drain only.

RRP £396.00
From £295.02
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